Transport for orders over 500 lei in Romania is free, Transport for orders over 2000 lei in the EU is free

Transport for orders over 500 lei in Romania and over 2000 lei in the EU are free

How to sew at cross stitch count

What the kit contains

  • Cloth cut to the required size
  • Fire mouline
  • Enlarged chart
  • Cardboard with holes for threads (except thumbnails)
  • Instructions translated
  • Special needle tailored to the model
  • A color image

Arrangement of wires

Start by comparing the colors of the wires with those in the diagram and sorting them. Put the wires on the perforated cardboard, separated by colors and note the corresponding sign on the diagram. Divide the thread into 6 loops. The cross is generally sewn with two strands. If the diagram specifies explicitly, sew in a thread. Each square on the diagram corresponds to a cross on the canvas. The continuous lines on the diagram represent the stitch at the contour point that is usually sewn with a thread.

Drawing the blade and determining the middle of the blade

A. Thread the canvas to avoid breaking.

B. Then determine the center of the canvas by folding it in four after the middle of each side or guiding you by the marks on the canvas if printed. You can sew the middle lines by sewing them with an olive string, thus counting. At the intersection of threads is the middle of the canvas and you start to embroider from here (follow the arrows on the diagram), preferably with the surface larger than a certain color and then complementing with the smaller surfaces.


To have enough thread, it is best to sew the rows with a crosspiece and then return with the crosspiece above. Be careful that the top half crosspiece is always in the same direction.

Do not cross more than 1 centimeter on the back of the canvas from one color area to another and fasten the ends of the yarns through the passage. below the seam already made. Never start and end with knots.


What the kit contains

For these models you can also use wooden or plastic branches.
Finally iron on the back of the model with warm iron over a slightly damp white cloth.

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