Transport for orders over 500 lei in Romania is free, Transport for orders over 2000 lei in the EU is free

Transport for orders over 500 lei in Romania and over 2000 lei in the EU are free

Knot point

What the kit contains

  • Hand painted canvas canvas
  • Packages with cut wire to size
  • One crochet
  • Instruction page
  • A color image of the finished model
  • A wall carpet kit additionally contains wires for the loop and the suspension bar
  • A carpet pattern kit also contains the edge band

Arrangement of wires

A. Start by comparing the color range drawn on the canvas with the wires in the packages

B. You will notice that the color drawn is slightly different from that of the thread and to avoid the confusion of tying a thread of the right color on the corresponding square on the edge of the canvas.


  1. Place the canvas on the table, with the edges hardened to the left and right.
  2. Start knotting from the bottom-left.
  3. Knit row by row, always making knots from left to right and bottom up

A. Hold the two ends of the wire evenly between the thumb and forefinger and move the loop around the crochet.

B. Insert your crochet under the double yarn of the cloth until the crochet flap reaches above the yarn.

C. Put the ends of the yarn in the hook and gently pull the hook down until the flap closes and holds the yarn.

D. Release the ends of the thread by holding the canvas further and pull the crochet thread through the knot.

E. Gently pull the ends of the thread to make the knot firm.

Finishing the carpets at knot point

A. Carefully cut the fabric over 3 cm around the sewing pattern.

B. Cut the ends to size and turn exactly on the embroidered edge, sew and cut the surplus so that the canvas does not fall apart. Be careful to fix the frame bitmap and not the wool yarn. So catch the whole contour.

C. Applying the contour strip: Place the edge of the contour strip all over the outer edge of the carpet and then sew it firmly and carefully.

D. Turn the tape over the lower back and sew in small steps so that each web thread is securely attached to the web

E. Now the rug on the back has a beautiful and firm finish that will last as long as possible.

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